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The Alabama Council on Economic Education
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Just because I didn't pay attention doesn't mean they won't

In the last post I went over in very light detail how ridiculous the entire housing crisis was.  It should not have happened.   That's just the way it is.  So how do we keep global crises like that from happening again?  What proactive steps can we take to protect ourselves from having to bail out banks with money the country doesn't have?  If you are squeamish or have a weak heart, look away, this blog is about to get nasty.  Here it is: Let's just teach kids in school.  Why don't we teach them the importance of money before they try to learn it on their own?  I was terrible with money and still can be.  Personally, my mother taught me how to balance a checkbook but for any of you with ADHD out there, you know how that went.  I was making doodles of a dinosaur wrestling a unicorn while she was talking.  The amount of material I actually learned in school is astonishing.  I took two years of Spanish, which I barely passed, and can pretty much hold a conversation in Spanish if you speak slowly.  The amount I absorbed absolutely against my will amazes me.  I have no doubt that if we taught kids the importance of money as it pertains to a global operating economy at least some of it will sink in.  The country is in debt and no one under the age of 21 know why.  This is important stuff, right.  So why don't we start when they are young?  Information moves at a rate never before heard of and it is only getting faster.  Money will mean something completely different to the next generation than it does this one.  Non profits like The Alabama Council on Economic Education have it right.  Full Disclosure:  I volunteer there.  They give teachers materials that teach kids about money from very young.  And they do it for free.  Teachers can get free materials.  Check out their website or go to their facebook page. There just isn't any other way to do it.  That being said, if you think you know a better way, tell me.  I would love to hear it.

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